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Become a Super Saver!

Saver Certificate

Ready to Start a Savings Plan but Don't Know Where to Start? 

Start saving slowly with our 36-month Saver Certificates.1

Open with just a $25 deposit and only a $50 per month contribution.2
Enjoy account access via Digital, Mobile and 24-hour Telephone Banking for deposits; no withdrawals.3

Open an Account


1Rate for Saver Certificate is 0.75% APY. APY is an Annual Percentage Yield.
2Requires deposits of $50 per calendar month with no withdrawals to earn stated dividend rate. If monthly deposit is not made, rate changes to Share Savings rate. Members will receive a letter reminding them of the requirement.
3Withdrawal of dividends is not permitted. A penalty for early withdrawal will be applied. See Personal Account Agreement & Disclosure for Truth-In-Savings disclosure.

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