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Private Student Loans

We’re pleased to offer our members competitive rates on private student loan refinancing. In partnership with LendKey we provide accessible and low-cost borrowing options.

Private Student Loan Refinancing

It may be possible for you to lower your monthly student loan payment by refinancing your existing loans with California Credit Union.* 

  • Pay your loan off quickly, or keep your monthly payments as low as possible — the choice is yours
  • Simplify your finances by consolidating federal and private student loans into one easy monthly payment
  • Refinance up to $125,000 in undergraduate student loan debt or $175,000 in graduate debt
  • Competitive fixed and variable rate options

Apply to Refinance


To qualify, applicants must meet credit and underwriting criteria:

  • Member of California Credit Union / North Island Credit Union (a Division of California Credit Union)
  • Current student or graduate of an eligible school
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Legal adult in the state in which they reside (age 18 in most states)

Determine full eligibility through the application process.


A cosigner can help you secure a lower interest rate and improve your chances of being approved for your private student loans or refinancing.

Look for a cosigner who has an established credit history and is a US citizen or permanent resident.

Our lending approach give more flexibility to your cosigner by releasing them from your loan after making 12 consecutive on-time full principal and interest payments.

Plan and Save With These Tools


Resources to Plan and Save

We provide free tools and resources such as a Student Loan Calculator, Scholarships, and the Financial Education Center to help you plan and save for your education.

Student Loan Calculator 


 Financial Education Center



Private Student Loan Refinancing FAQs


Questions and application assistance?

Contact LendKey’s customer support team
Phone: 888-549-9050
Hours: Monday to Friday 6:00am – 5:00pm PST


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