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Staff Profile profile for nbragger

Staff Profile profile for nbragger

Nando Bragger

Nando Bragger
Vice President, Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS ID: #840861
Areas of Service: 5th & Laurel, El Cajon, Encinitas, and Mira Mesa
(858) 769-7431 | (858) 769-7449 fax
[email protected]

Apply with Nando

Whether you’re in the market to purchase a new home or looking to refinance an existing loan, Nando is here to help you find the mortgage option that’s right for you.

With extensive knowledge of the local real estate markets and a passion for helping people, Nando will explain the Conventional Mortgage Financing and Portfolio Mortgage Products available to you, and determine which best fits your financial needs and goals. Like all our real estate specialists at California Credit Union, he is committed to giving you an exceptional, stress-free lending experience.

Fill out an online application here, or give Nando a call to set up a one-on-one interview at your closest California Credit Union branch.

Learn more about CCU’s mortgage options:

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