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Financial Information

Below you will find information about our financials, including our Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements.

Annual Report

Highlights and financial statements from the prior year:

Financial Statement

The current audited review of the financial performance at California Credit Union can be reviewed here: Audited Financial Statement.

Annual Account Verification

As part of an annual process to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting systems, you may be contacted to confirm the accuracy of your account balance.

Our independent auditors, Turner, Warren, Hwang & Conrad, CPAs, are in the process of performing our annual member account balance verification. This process is performed every year and involves contacting a sample of our members to confirm the accuracy of their account balance. It is one of many internal control processes followed by the credit union to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting systems that ultimately protect you, our member.

We know our members are concerned about privacy and the potential for identity theft. If you receive a request for verification and doubt the authenticity of the request, you may contact the credit union by phone at (800) 334-8788. You may also stop by one of our branches to verify that the request is authorized.

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