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Home Loans

Whether buying a new home or looking to refinance, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Competitive rates
  • Purchase or refinance options 
  • Personalized solutions 
  • In-house loan servicing

Our Mortgage Loan Officers are here to help you find the mortgage that best meets your needs.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home, upgrade to a larger home, refinance your existing mortgage or take advantage of the equity you’ve built, we may have a mortgage lending solution for you. We offer competitive rates on a wide variety of options – including fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, as well as VA Loans. 

$0 closing costs on select mortgages1

We’ll pay up to $10,0001 of your closing costs when you select either a 5/5, 7/6, or 10/6 Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), fixed for the first 5, 7, or 10 years. Offer good for a limited time and is valid for owner-occupied or second homes.

Limited-Time Offer

You may be eligible to receive 1/8 of a point off your mortgage loan* when you open a new Share Certificate account with us. Contact our Real Estate Loan Center at (877) 228-4873 to learn more.

Home Loans- No application fees
- No prepayment penalties
- Financing up to 97% of home value
- Cash-out options, make your equity work for you
- Consolidate first and second mortgages and home equity lines of credit 
- Portfolio lender
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARMs)- Standard, Hybrid, and 5/5 ARMS available
- No closing costs1
- Rate fixed for the first 5, 7, or 10 years2
- Financing up to 97% for the purchase of a new home
(LTV’s greater than 80% require Mortgage Insurance)
- Offer good for a limited time and is valid for owner-occupied or second homes
Fixed Rate Mortgages- Conventional or Jumbo Mortgages
- 15/20/30-year terms available3
- Purchase or Refinance
- Primary Residence & Non-Owner Occupied
80/10/10 Loan Program- 80% first mortgage, 10% second mortgage, 10% down payment
- No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) so your monthly payment stays low
- Fixed or adjustable rate
- Owner occupied only
- Purchase or refinance
VA Loans- Zero down payment purchases
- 100% cash-out refinances
- Acceptable debt-to-income ratios higher than conventional loans
- Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) available
- No monthly mortgage insurance required
- No prepayment penalty

Learn more about the home loan process

We’re here to guide you through your home loan purchase or refinance - from getting pre-qualified all the way through closing. Call our Real Estate Loan Center at (877) 228-4873 to get started.

Required Documentation for Home Loans 

We have organized the required documentation to help facilitate your home loan process.

Appraisal Process

As a result of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) that was adopted in early 2009, a property appraisal can no longer be ordered by anyone directly involved in the origination of a mortgage application. This is done to ensure that any final value in the appraisal will not be improperly influenced by any parties involved in the origination of the loan. 

Title and Escrow Services

Through our wholly-owned service organization, California Members Title Company provides local, personalized, low-cost services for all your title and escrow needs.

Learn More

Property Insurance

If you have a home loan or home equity line of credit with our credit union, you may be required to provide evidence of continuous insurance coverage.

Proving Proof of Insurance

We have partnered with Insurance Services (Allied Solutions) to track and verify insurance coverage. If you have received a letter from Insurance Services asking for verification of insurance, you may update your insurance information online.

You may also provide your proof of insurance via telephone, fax, email or regular mail using the contact information provided in your notification letter. For more information, please contact Insurance Services at (800)-334-8788.

Mortgage/ Payee Address

California Credit Union, ISAOA
P.O. Box 58610
Tukwila, WA 98138

Home Loan Resources to help make your day-to-day more manageable.

Overcoming Payment Challenges  

If you’re having financial difficulty, we want to help.

Home Insurance

Protect your property with member discounts.

Get Insured

Your Dream Home

Save for a down payment with our savings or money market accounts.

Start Saving

Home Rewards with free MLS access

Enjoy the convenience of accessing everything you need to buy or sell your home in one place - a free benefit for credit union members. Home Rewards helps you find the right home with expert guidance, and those who enroll and utilize the Home Rewards program are eligible to earn a rebate up to 20% of the agent's commission.4

Terms and Conditions

All loans subject to approval.

1 California Credit Union will pay your non-recurring closing costs including but not limited to: lender’s title insurance, title services, appraisal, tax service, credit report, flood certification, and recording fees up to an amount of $10,000 or the amount charged by the service providers, whichever is less. If you pay this loan off earlier than the 36-month anniversary date of the loan closing, you will be obligated to pay California Credit Union a prorated amount of the closing costs. This amount will be added to any loan payoff amount requested prior to the 36-month anniversary date. This does not include prepaid interest, homeowner’s insurance, initial escrow deposit, owner’s title insurance, or city and/or county transfer tax. Other restrictions may apply. Offer good for a limited time only and is valid on 5/5, 7/6 and 10/6 ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) on owner-occupied purchases or refinances. All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

2 As of November 24, 2021 this example 5/5 ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) payment provided assumes the purpose of the loan is to purchase a property, with a loan amount of $300,000 and an estimated property value of $500,000. The property is located within Los Angeles county. The property is an existing single family home and will be used as a primary residence. The assumed credit score is 740. The rate lock period is 45 days. At a 2.25% initial interest rate, the APR for this loan type is 3.288%, subject to increase. Based on current market conditions, the monthly payment schedule would be: 60 payments of $1,146.74 at an interest rate of 2.25%, 299 payments of $1,326.29 at an interest rate of 3.375%, 1 payment of $1,347.13 at an interest rate of 3.5%. If an escrow account is required or requested, the actual monthly payment will also include amounts for real estate rates and homeowner’s insurance premiums. These loan offers are subject to credit approval and satisfactory appraisal. No application fee. Other restrictions may apply. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

3 As of November 19, 2021, an example principal and interest payment on a $300,000 fixed-rate loan at 3.482% annual percentage rate for 30 years is $1,344.00. This payment example does not include taxes and insurance premiums; actual payment will be higher. These loan offers are subject to credit approval and satisfactory appraisal. No application fee. Other restrictions may apply. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

4 Home Rewards subject to change without notice. Program Cash Rewards are awarded by Home Rewards Group, Inc. to buyers and sellers who select and use a real estate agent in the HomeSmart network. Home buyers or sellers are not eligible for Cash Rewards if they use an agent outside this network. Using California Credit Union for a mortgage is not a requirement to earn Cash Rewards. Cash Rewards amounts are dependent on the commissions paid to the agent. Rebate for home purchase only is 20%. Rebate for home sale and purchase is 20% for each transaction. In order to receive the 20% rebates, the home sale and purchase transactions must take place within six months of each other. Commission Rebates are not allowed in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee. 20% escrow services discount guarantee paid by Escrow Options at the close of transaction. Escrow Options is not affiliated with California Credit Union.

* You may be eligible to receive a reduced annual percentage rate (APR) relationship pricing discount of 1/8 of a percent (0.125%) (“Relationship Pricing Discount”) on your new Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) upon the opening of a qualifying Share Certificate or already existing qualifying Share Certificate held at the Credit Union. You will receive the benefit of the Relationship Pricing Discount, upon approval, for the life of the ARM loan so long as you continue to fulfill all eligibility requirements. ARMs are variable, and your interest rate may increase after the original non-variable rate period based on the market but will never be higher than 9.75% or lower than 2.375%. As of 11/9/2022, the current APR for an ARM loan is 5.954%, which is based on a purchase transaction of single family residence and a 5/5 ARM with an 80% loan-to-value (LTV) and a FICO score of 760 so your APR and terms may differ.

Please note that all ARM loans are subject to credit approval and membership eligibility. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change. This Relationship Pricing Discount is subject to change without notice. Contact us to find out more about our Relationship Pricing Discount.