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Virtual StrongBox

Protect and safely secure your most valuable documents online.

My Virtual StrongBox

My Virtual StrongBox is a virtual safety deposit box that members can access from within Digital Banking. This digital box stores electronic copies of any document that you choose to save, such as your will, passport, insurance policy, etc. in a secure online file storage center certified by encrypted data centers.

My Virtual StrongBox is available for members to store any electronic document you cannot trust other cloud providers to protect. It is backed by multi-factor security on SSAE 16, redundant servers with 24-hour monitoring, and best of all, you can customize it to suit your needs.

Getting starting with Virtual StrongBox

After following the step-by-step instructions, simply activate your Virtual StrongBox and begin uploading your documents. This service is free up to 25 MB of data. After this level is reached, additional storage is available for purchase. My Virtual StrongBox can be customized for your needs, complete with custom folders, easy sort-and-store features and secure one-time share links.

My Virtual StrongBox was not designed for use on mobile devices. It may work on some devices, however, functionality may be limited.

NOTE: If you plan to close your account, you must first access your Virtual StrongBox to make copies of your information. Once your account is closed, your Virtual StrongBox can no longer be accessed.

Virtual StrongBox

Frequently asked questions

It’s simple and secure to access your own personal virtual strongbox:

  • Log in to Digital Banking
  • Move your mouse over the “Additional Services” tab
  • Select “Virtual Strongbox” from the third menu column
  • Review the step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the quick setup process

You can store any documents that are important to you personally or professionally (i.e. marriage certificate, copy of your will, homeowner’s insurance policy, vehicle insurance policy, etc.). Store them in your My Virtual StrongBox as a backup to hard or electronic copies that you have stored in your home, office or personal computer.

Files cannot exceed 250MB in size. For security purposes, My Virtual StrongBox will not accept executable file types (.exe, for instance), and file names cannot exceed 100 characters.

We provide 25MB of storage space free of charge. If you would like to expand your storage capacity, you may do so by purchasing additional storage.

After signing on to Digital Banking and accessing My Virtual StrongBox, click on your name in the upper right for your personal menu where you may select the “Wizard Tour” or the “Help” link for more information.

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