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Our Digital, Mobile and 24-Hour Telephone Banking systems may be intermittently unavailable due to system maintenance beginning 9:30pm Saturday, February 27 to 1:30am Sunday, February 28. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Make Domestic And Foreign Transfers

You can do this online from templates or as free-form wires.

  • Save money and time - online wires are more convenient than wire requests placed over the phone or in the branch
  • Initiate real-time domestic wires or take advantage of our competitive exchange rates for international wires
  • Create templates for recurring wire transfers for increased efficiency or use free-form wires for one-time payments
  • Receive email or fax notification of wires received
  • Wires may also be initiated at any of our credit union branches


  1. Request approval of this service by contacting your Business Relationship Officer or local Branch Manager (transfer limits will be assessed for security and risk purposes)
  2. Once approved, sign onto Digital Banking for Business
  3. Select the “Business Services” tab and click the link to “ACH & Wires”
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