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Learn More About Courtesy Pay

How We Help You Avoid Overdrafts With Courtesy Pay

We process paper checks based on their dollar amount, low to high. This means that the smallest dollar amount will be paid first, which generally means more checks clear and you pay fewer overdraft fees. This is also consistent with ACH processing which clears electronic items in low to high dollar amount. Processing by check number or even high to low amount increases fees and creates unnecessary overdraft situations.

Whenever possible, we post credits to your account before any debit. You can also track your balances through our free Digital Banking service and sign up for balance alerts so you'll know when your balance is getting low.

Qualifying For Courtesy Pay

Members in good standing1 with a checking account that has been open for at least 90 days making regular deposits sufficient to cover transactions are automatically enrolled in Courtesy Pay for paper checks and pre-authorized electronic items cleared through the automated clearing house (ACH). This automatic coverage includes recurring debit card transactions for the payment of a bill that you have previously authorized. To check to see if you are enrolled in our Courtesy Pay service, call us at (800) 334-8788 or visit any of our branches.

Coverage For ATM And Point Of Sale Transactions Using A Debit Card

An additional level of protection is available for your ATM and one-time/everyday debit card transactions if you opt-in to allow us to pay these transactions when you don't have sufficient available funds in your checking account. You may opt-in online, call (800) 334-8788, or visit any branch.

Courtesy Pay Costs

There is no fee to have Courtesy Pay protection, but there is a $27 fee each time an overdraft occurs and we pay it, taking your account negative.

We understand that fees and charges can become expensive, that's why we encourage you to track your balance using our free Digital Banking service and balance alerts. We will only assess the fee if you have insufficient available funds in your checking account plus your linked overdraft protection plan accounts. Courtesy Pay is not a loan, and all fees and the overdraft amount (negative balance) are due and must be repaid to us promptly to avoid an overdrawn balance fee.

Transactions Covered By Courtesy Pay

The automatic protection available to all members that qualify allows us to pay paper checks and electronic items cleared through the automated clearing house (ACH) and recurring debit card transactions instead of returning it for insufficient/unavailable funds.

An additional level of protection for which you may opt-in via our online form, allows us to pay your ATM and one-time/everyday debit card point of sale transactions instead of declining it for insufficient/unavailable funds.

An overdraft typically will not be paid in the following situations:

  • Your account is new
  • Your new account has not maintained a positive balance for at least 90 consecutive days
  • You do not make regular deposits to your account, subject to a minimum set by us
  • Any deposit or loan account owned by you or your joint owner does not remain in good standing
  • You or your joint owner has previously caused the credit union to incur a loss
  • You have opted out of the program
  • You have too many overdrafts
  • We receive notice that you or your joint owner have been reported for account abuse or caused a loss to another financial organization or merchant or you misuse your account with us
  • You or a joint owner is under age 18

If you do not complete the online opt-in form, members in good standing making regular deposits simply retain their automatic Courtesy Pay protection on paper checks and electronic items cleared through the automated clearing house (ACH), including recurring debit card transactions for the payment of a bill that you have previously authorized. However, to retain the maximum protection and reduce the chances of being declined at a purchase, you would want to opt-in for the additional coverage.

Repayment of Overdrafts

Our overdraft service is not a loan and we require that you repay your overdrafts promptly not to exceed 30 days from the first day your account becomes overdrawn. Your account balance must be positive for at least one business day for the overdrawn balance to be considered repaid. For example, on the 1st your account becomes overdrawn by $50; on the 10th, another $75 posts to your account taking it further negative for a total of $125. You must repay $125 by the 1st of the following month.

Opt Out Of Automatic Courtesy Pay Protection 

If you would like to be excluded from the discretionary payment of overdrafts entirely, you may opt out. Any owner of the account may authorize this, and it covers all transactions on the account, regardless of which account owner initiated the transaction.

To opt out:

Call us at (800) 334-8788 or provide notice to us in writing, and return it to us via fax at (858) 769-7475 or mail to:

California Credit Union
Attn: Deposit Operations
P.O. Box 29100
Glendale, CA 91209

Review the legal disclosures about overdrafts and overdraft fees. See a complete list of fees and charges.

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