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Online and Mobile access to Visa credit card accounts is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Business Banking Fees

Business Banking Fees

Effective October 30, 2020

(See Personal Fees)

CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION AMOUNT (All fees per occurrence, unless otherwise stated)

Digital Banking


Online bill payment

  • Free bill pay
  • Paper copy of bill payment
  • Rejected bill payment



VISA® Debit Card

Uses that do not require a PIN Fee free

PIN-based ATM uses (withdrawals, transfers, inquiries)

  • At our ATMs & CO-OP network ATMs
  • At other ATMs (plus ATM owner surcharges)

Fee free

Lost card replacement $5
Debit Card Rush Fee $25
24-Hour Telephone Banking Fee Free

Checking, Savings, Money Market

Account closure within 90 days of opening $10
Checking printing At cost

Temporary checks:

  • Per sheet of 3
  • Initial set of 9 (at account opening)


Fee free
Insufficient/unavailable funds (any transaction, whether returned or paid, including bill payment & ATM/POS) $27
Reg D excess activity (6+ non-branch savings/money market withdrawals/mo.) $10
Deposit correction $5
Verification of Deposit $10

Checks And Transfers

Cashier's check to account holder
Cashier's check to 3rd party
Collection item (incoming or outgoing) Cost + $10
Documentary Cost + $50
Gift check $2.50
Money order $2
Overdraft transfer (from savings or money market) $5
Returned item (paper or electronic) $15
Stop payment (paper or electronic) $10
Wire Transfer
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing ($50 minimum)
  • International




Miscellaneous Services

Copies (checks, statements, vouchers) $2
Legal document processing $50
Merchant credit card processing At cost
Monthly activity printout
  • First page
  • Second & subsequent pages

Fee free

Payroll processing At cost
Research (all requests) $20/hr.
Returned statement (invalid address) $5


Out of compliance (missing required documents and/or licensing) $100/mo.

There's Only One You.

Let's keep it that way.
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