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Analyzed Business Checking

Our Analyzed Business Checking Account offers integrated monthly activity analysis. Earn dividends for funds not in use and maximize your use of funds with Sweep Accounts and Zero Balance Accounts.

Analyzed Business Checking

For the business with higher account balances, the Business Analysis Checking Account can offer a great value. With qualifying balances each month, your business can receive an earnings credit to cover some or all fees for services used during each statement cycle, such as cash deposits, check writing, ACH and wire transfers, stop payments, NSF fees and more. This account has no minimum balance requirement. See our current Analyzed Business Checking rates. 

Sweep Accounts

Put your excess cash to work earning dividends while avoiding overdraft charges.

  • Get increased returns and earn higher dividends with automatic investment of idle account balances into a Sweep Account
  • Keep funds liquid
  • Save time
  • No per-transfer charges
  • Easy setup - establish a target minimum checking balance to avoid fees

See our rates and terms for all Sweep Accounts.

How A Sweep Account Works1

Analyzed Business Checking Account funds are reviewed at the end of each business day. This happens after you meet daily transaction obligations. Excess funds automatically transfer into a Sweep Account. Our credit union covers you if your account gets below your designated minimum balance level. Funds are automatically swept back to maintain your desired balance. You can determine your daily position and calculate dividends using Business Digital Banking.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)

Maximize your use of funds and increase your account control.

  • Drop excess balances in sub accounts
  • Separate statements for easy account management
  • Maintain greater disbursement control and flexibility
  • A convenient way to enhance your cash flow

How A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Works

A ZBA is a checking account designed to maintain a zero balance even as checks and electronic payments get cleared against it. Funds are only transferred into the ZBA to cover checks and cleared electronic payments. As long as your checking account has enough funds, you won't have ZBA overdrafts. You can link more than one ZBA to your account. Popular uses include payroll, benefits, petty cash, lockbox collections, and multiple store locations.

Use this worksheet to see if Analyzed Business Checking is a good option for your business.

For more information or to open an account, please contact our Business Banking Department at (800) 293-6494 to schedule an appointment or you may also visit any branch.

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