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Educator Summer Savings

Summer Savings for Educators and School Employees

We know that getting through the summer months without a paycheck can be tough. But with our Educator Summer Savings plan, you can get paid all year.

With each regular paycheck during the school year, a pre-designated amount, up to $2,000 each month, is automatically transferred to your Educator Summer Savings Account. When the summer months roll around (July, to be exact), we'll deposit the money from your Educator Summer Savings plus dividends earned into your CCU checking account or transfer it via ACH to an account of your choice.

Stretch 10 checks into 12. All you have to do is set it up and wait for summer.

Grow your money faster with a 4.00% APY1

  • 4.00% APY (higher than other similar savings programs)
  • Make monthly deposits via direct deposit or payroll deduction up to $2,000
  • Balance disbursed to you in July
  • For public and private school employees of qualified California schools

To view other savings products we offer, please click here.

Open an Educator Summer Savings

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