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Member Specials

Special Offers And Discounts For Our Members

Tracfone Wireless

Save up to $360 per year on your wireless bill by switching to no-contract wireless. Learn more at LoveMyCreditUnion.org.

Save up to $360 per year on wireless. Click here to start saving.

Discount Tax Preparation

  • Save up to $15 on TurboTax and get your maximum refund.
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • 100% accurate calculations

Start for FREE

Auto Expert

Auto Expert

Tell your Auto Expert advisor the exact car you want, new or pre-owned. Your advisor will go to work for you, searching vast resources to find the vehicle you want at the best price and payments.

Browse online, call (800) 359-4567, or make an appointment to meet an Auto Expert Advisor at the branch nearest you.

Enterprise Car Sales

Enterprise Car Sales

Search used cars below Kelley Blue Book® Value nationwide.

"Haggle-free buying and worry-free ownership."

Learn More

Alamo Car Rental

Alamo discount for North Island members

Get to the fun faster.

Get up to 25% off your rental and receive additional coupons to save even more. With self-serve check-in you can skip the counter, check-in at the kiosk, and drive away. It's that easy.

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National Car Rental

National discount for North Island members

You drive a hard bargain.

Save up to 25% and get additional coupons for your next rental. And, with the Emerald Club®, you can bypass the counter and choose your own car.

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