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Our Digital, Mobile and Telephone Banking systems may be intermittently unavailable due to system maintenance beginning 8PM Saturday, April 24 to 4AM Sunday, April 25. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Why Choose Our Credit Union

Our promise.

In 1933, California Credit Union was born out of a need to provide reliable, rewarding, and convenient financial services to teachers and others in the education community. Almost a decade later, North Island Credit Union made a name for itself by providing banking resources to military and civil service personnel.

To provide even greater opportunities to Californians throughout state, California Credit Union and North Island Credit Union have joined forces.

A true partnership for the future, California Credit Union connects our longstanding focus on education, with our roots in the local community, to our proud ties to the military. We have great respect for the strong relationships we have established over the years — and with the support of our loyal members, we will continue to deliver peace of mind through stability, collaboration, and service.

We recognize our vibrant home that is California, and are committed to supporting the dreams of our members from crest to coast. California Credit Union is California’s credit union — serving driven, active members with superior products, enhanced member services, and an exceptional branch experience.

Perks & Rewards

Being a member comes with additional perks and rewards, including:

Purchase Rewards

  • Get cashback rewards when you use your debit card through Purchase Rewards.
  • Receive exclusive cashback rewards from places like Starbucks and Target, just for using your debit card. Sign up for Digital Banking to start receiving cashback offers today.


We provide special offers and discounts for our members.

  • Intuit TurboTax - discount tax preparation
  • Sprint - savings for individuals and businesses using the wireless service
  • Enterprise - search used cars nationwide, below Kelly Blue Book® Value
  • National Car Rental - save up to 25% and get additional coupons for your next rental
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