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If You're Contacted

Visa® Debit Card Fraud Monitoring By Visa

You may be contacted by Visa Fraud Prevention Services on behalf of our credit union. This happens if there is suspected unauthorized or fraudulent Visa Debit Card transaction activity. If you receive a call from Visa on behalf of us, please speak to the representative as this call is legitimate. The Visa representative will ask you some questions to make sure he or she is speaking with the Visa Debit Card holder. Then, Visa will ask you to verify the transactions in question. Please tell Visa whether you authorized these transactions. You will not be asked to provide them any account or personal information.

If Visa is unable to reach you they will leave a voice message. They will leave their toll-free number: (866) 385-5422 and ask you to call them back. Please do so at your earliest convenience.

Member Account Balance Verification

Members may be contacted to confirm the accuracy of their account balance. This is part of an annual process to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting systems.

The process is performed yearly and involves contacting a sample of our members. These members are asked to confirm the accuracy of their account balance. It is one of many internal control processes we use to ultimately protect you, our member.

What You Should Do

If you think you have been fraudulently solicited for information, be sure to contact us. Please let us know about any suspicious telephone calls.

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