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Savings Accounts

Choose The Savings Account That's Right For You

  • Our most popular account—provides an easy way to save for life's expenses
  • Open an account with as little as .01¢ 1
  • Dividends earned when $100 minimum balance is maintained1
  • Unlimited free in-branch and ATM withdrawals2
  • Use as overdraft protection for your personal checking account3
  • Open an account | View rates
Student Savings
  • Establish saving habits from an early age
  • Dividends earned with no minimum
  • No monthly statement fee
  • No fee for using non-Co-OP Network ATMs2
  • Unlimited free in-branch and ATM withdrawals
  • Open an account 
Summer Savings
  • Dividends earned when $100 minimum balance is maintained1
  • Make monthly payroll or direct deposits
  • Withdrawal available at any time2
  • Disbursed in July
  • Open an account | View rates
IRA Savings
  • Traditional or Roth IRA
  • Dividends paid with minimum $50 balance
  • Easily transfer money into your account using Digital Banking4
  • Open an account | View rates
Money Market Savings
  • Ideal for larger accounts 
  • Earns higher dividends than a Share Savings account
  • Dividends paid on any balance
  • $5/monthly maintenance fee waived with daily balance > $2,500
  • Unlimited free in-branch and ATM withdrawals2
  • Increase savings with Direct Deposit or automatic account transfers
  • Use your account for overdraft protection on your personal checking account
  • Open an account | View rates

Additional Services and Benefits

Automatic Savings Plan

Set up recurring transfers to savings from checking and watch your savings grow automatically. You can schedule an automatic savings transfer for any amount and at any of the following frequencies:

  • Weekly
  • Every two weeks
  • Twice monthly (e.g. 1st and 16th of the month)
  • Every two months
  • Every three months
  • Twice yearly
  • Yearly

Getting Started With An Automatic Savings Plan

Call (800) 334 8788 or set up your automatic savings plan in Digital Banking:

  1. Sign on to Digital Banking
  2. Click the Transfers tab
  3. Follow the page instructions - to schedule a recurring transfer, be sure to select a frequency other than "Once”
  4. If you have questions, visit a branch or call us at (800) 334-8788
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