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Make the Switch

Open A Checking Account

Apply Now | Find a Branch | Call (800) 334-8788, option 4

Move Automatic Deposits And Payments To Your New Account

Provided below are helpful letters that you can print and send to institutions that debit and credit your old account.

Change To Direct Deposit

Use this letter to have your direct deposits switched from your old account to your new checking account. If you've never used this convenient service before, learn how to set up Direct Deposit.

Cancel Automatic Payment Withdrawals from Your Old Checking Account

Automatic Payment Cancellation

Use this letter to cancel automatic payment withdrawals from your old checking account.

Our recommendation: Once you've canceled old automatic payments, sign up for our free online Bill Pay service to pay your bills easily and securely while saving on time, postage, and late charges.

Switch Automatic Payment Withdrawals from Your Old Account to Your New Account

Change To Existing Automatic Payment

Use this letter if you wish to have your automatic payment withdrawals switched from your old account to your new checking account.

Close Your Old Account

When your automatic deposits and withdrawals have been successfully rerouted to your CCU checking account and all outstanding checks and payments have cleared, use our Request to Close Account Letter to notify your old bank or credit union to close your account and send you a check for the remaining balance.

Congrats On Making The Switch!

If you have not done so already, start using our fast, free, and secure Digital Banking with free Bill Pay.

Have questions? Find a Branch | Call (800) 334-8788, option 4

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