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Summer Savings For School Employees

Manage your savings for guaranteed summer income with our savings program designed exclusively for educators and school staff.


  • Pays above-market rates
  • Fee-free 
  • Withdrawal available at any time

Relax. You’ve got summer covered.

We know that getting through the summer months without a paycheck can be tough. But with our Educator Summer Savings plan, you can get paid all year.

With each regular paycheck during the school year, a pre-designated amount, up to $2,000 each month, is automatically transferred to your Educator Summer Savings Account. When the summer months roll around (July, to be exact), we'll deposit the money from your Educator Summer Savings, plus dividends earned, into your credit union account.

1APY= Annual Percentage Yield, subject to change after the account is opened. APY is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. Minimum opening deposit is $.01. Deposits into the account must be made via direct deposit or payroll deduction. Total deposits must not exceed $2,000 per month (July 1 – June 30). Fees may reduce earnings on the account. The credit union will distribute the balance of the account by July via transfer into a CCU account. Proof of employment at a qualified California public or private school is required.