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Digital Banking and Bill Pay

Digital Banking

With Digital Banking, you can track and monitor spending, follow a budget, and avoid overdraft charges.

  • Access current account balances and summaries -
  • View the last 12 months of transaction history including check images
  • See your pending transactions, including ATM visits, Visa® Debit Card purchases, and direct deposits
  • Update your personal information such as your street address, email address, and phone number
  • Reorder checks
  • Stop payment on a check
  • Request a loan payoff quote
  • Send and receive secure messages from our Contact Center
  • Change your username or password, manage account nicknames, display preferences, and challenge questions
  • Transfer funds - easily make immediate or recurring transfers anytime you want between your California Credit Union accounts1

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Business Digital Banking

Digital Banking for Business enables you to conveniently manage your business account information and place orders without having to pick up the phone or stop by a branch. Enjoy all the features of personal banking and more.

  • Make estimated quarterly tax payments through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
  • Cash management services

Bill Payment

Online Bill Pay lets you save time and money while managing your bill paying routine in one convenient spot. Plus, with Online Bill Pay, you control when and how much to pay.

  • Pay any bill, anytime
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments in advance
  • Be assured your payments will arrive on time
  • Send money using Zelle

Watch The Bill Pay Demo To Learn More About How To Use Bill Pay


If you would like to receive eStatements instead of paper statements, you need to enroll in eStatements. Follow these instructions to switch to eStatements:

  • Sign on to Digital Banking
  • Under the Additional Services tab, click "Statements"
  • Click "Change Your Statement Delivery Options"
  • Select the "Email Notification Only" option (make sure you enter a valid email address)
  • Click "Change Delivery Preferences" to be notified by email when your eStatement is available

Account Alerts

Stay informed with free, timely account alerts sent directly to your email or mobile device.2

To set up free account alerts:

  • Sign on to Digital Banking
  • Under the Additional Services tab, click "Alerts & Notifications"

You may choose to receive a notification for these events and more:

  • High/low balance alerts
  • Occasional balance updates
  • Cleared check notification
  • Maturing CD reminder
  • Past due notification
  • Custom reminder you set with your message on a chosen date

Once you have completed your selections, verify the telephone number or email where you want the notification to be sent, and click “submit.”

Check Images

View and print scanned images of the front and back of cleared checks.

  • 90 days worth of check images are available for viewing on your account transaction history and up to 18 months of check images are available through the eStatement archive
  • For copies of older checks, call (800) 334-8788
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