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Popmoney Mobile Payments

Popmoney is an easy way to send money to any person in the U.S., no matter where they bank.

There is no charge for standard or express payments made using Popmoney and payments are usually sent within one business day. You must be enrolled in online Bill Pay to use Popmoney.

Who You Can Pay

You can pay any person in the U.S. with a bank account. The recipient will receive a text message (text messaging fees may apply, please contact mobile provider for details) or email with instructions on how to claim their money. They will need to register with Popmoney the first time they use the service.

Sending a Payment

Sign on to Digital Banking, click on "Move Money," then select "Popmoney." Enter the recipient's name, mobile phone number or email address, the amount of the payment, your personal message, and click "Send."

Claiming a Payment

Members: Sign on to Digital Banking, click on "Move Money,"  select "Popmoney," and then the "Claim Money" link. No action is required for money sent from one Popmoney user to another. If you do not wish to enroll in free Digital Banking and bill payment service, follow the non-member instructions below. There is no fee to claim money paid to you with Popmoney.

Non-members: Access Popmoney.com, enter your mobile phone number or email address, enter the Secure Transaction Code you received by text or email, and click "Get Money." You will need to enter your financial institution account information and go through a verification process the first time you access the site.

Payment Limits

For your first Popmoney payment, the limit is $100. After that, the maximum amount you're allowed to send is listed next to the "amount" field within Popmoney. This amount is reduced each time you send a payment and then resets on a rolling seven-day period. For example, if your maximum amount is $1,000 and you send $100 to someone, your maximum amount changes to $900 for the day. When your maximum amount reaches $0, you cannot send money until it resets. Note: Next day payments to other Popmoney users are limited to $500 per day.

Mobile Carrier Compatibility

Not all mobile carriers support Popmoney text messages. If you send money to a person with a mobile number at an unsupported carrier, the person will not receive an invitation to claim the money. Invitations expire in 12 days and the money can no longer be claimed. To see a list of supported mobile carriers, go to “Service Setup” and make sure the recipient's carrier is listed before sending money to a mobile number. If the carrier is not listed, you can send money to an email address instead.

Popmoney Restrictions

Popmoney is available only for person-to-person payments at this time. You can use the free online Bill Pay service to pay any business. Popmoney is only available for use between personal banking accounts that are located in the United States.

Removing Someone From Your Send List

Once you are within Popmoney, click the "Contacts" tab, select the contact you'd like to remove, then click the "Delete Contact" button.

Cancelling Popmoney

You can cancel the service but if you decide to use it later, you will need to enroll again. To cancel, click on the tab that says “Service Setup,” then click on "Cancel Person to Person Payment Service."

Watch A Demo Of Popmoney

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