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Quicken and Quickbooks Help

We can help you get set up to use Quicken and Quickbooks with Digital Banking.

New Users:

We are an Intuit online banking partner and our name should appear in the list when you set up or activate an account for online services from within Quicken. If it does not appear, then you may need to update your Quicken program as follows:

  1. Get the One Step Update

    • Click on Tools on the top menu bar, then select One Step Update

  2. In the One Step update window, clear all of the check boxes, then select Update Now

  3. In the One update Summary window, select Done

  4. Exit Quicken and then restart the program for the changes to take effect

Existing Users:

To continue using Quicken and Quickbooks with Digital Banking, you will need to complete an account deactivation and reactivation process. Documents that explain how to complete this process are located below, specific to your software and operating system. Click on the appropriate link for your instructional documentation.



Post-Conversion Assistance

After following the procedures outlined above, additional assistance can be found here:

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