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Corporate Offices

Find our shared corporate offices

California Credit Union is committed to providing exemplary service to our members throughout Southern California. As a result, we have a shared corporate office structure, with offices in both Glendale and San Diego, California. These offices provide central locations for our support, administrative and executive staff. 

Glendale Corporate Office
701 N. Brand Blvd. #400
Glendale, CA 91203-1295

This location also houses our Glendale Branch, which is open:
9AM - 5PM: Monday - Thursday
9AM - 6PM: Friday
9AM - 2PM: Saturday

San Diego Corporate Office
5898 Copley Drive
San Diego, CA 92111-7916

This location does not have a branch and cannot accept cash payments. There is an on-site ATM, available 24/7, surcharge-free for our members, as well as members of the CO-OP® and Allpoint Networks.