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Our Digital, Mobile and Telephone Banking systems may be intermittently unavailable due to system maintenance beginning 8PM Saturday, April 24 to 4AM Sunday, April 25. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Mobile Banking

Go Mobile Today    

CCU Mobile Banking App With Mobile Banking, you can securely view your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks and more. This free serviceis available to all members who have enrolled in our Digital Banking. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and internet data access.

  1. Enroll in Digital BankingIf you are not already enrolled in Digital Banking, enroll today from any PC or mobile device.
  2. Choose your mobile access option

Apple®, Android™ and Kindle devices:

Download the Mobile App from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by searching for "CCU Mobile Banking." Supported devices include: Android OS 2.3.3, iPhone v.6 and up, iPad 2nd generation and up, and Kindle Fire.

Blackberry and Windows 8 mobile devices:

Go mobile by visiting our website on your mobile device and select “Sign In Here” at the top of the page.

Digital Banking video tours:  

Mobile Check Deposits

With the CCU Mobile Banking app2, you're able to deposit checks quickly and conveniently from your smartphone. Simply log in to your mobile app, select "Deposits" (you may need to select the up arrow at the bottom of the screen to view all of the options available), and follow the on-screen prompts. Endorse the back of your check and write “For Mobile Deposit Only” below your signature. Take a picture of the front of your check, the endorsed back of your check, verify the amount of the deposit, and you're done. We recommend you retain the paper check for 2 weeks until it has cleared from the maker's financial institution.

SMS (Short Message Service) Text Banking

Get access to basic banking transactions without logging into your account with the convenience of a smartphone and the simplicity of a text.

Activate text banking by clicking on the upper-right link to “My Settings,” then choose “Alerts & Notifications.” Once your phone has been verified, you can set up alerts to notify you of deposits, withdrawals, or even a weekly balance update. If you choose, you can even select two California Credit Union accounts for transferring funds between by simply texting: TRANS.

Text a short message to 454545 and you will receive a text back with an answer to your request:

  • BAL: Your primary account (that you designate)
  • BAL ALL: All account balances
  • LAST: The last 5 transactions on your primary account
  • BAL CHK: Account balance of your checking account
  • BAL SAV: Account balance of your savings account
  • TRANS: Transfer funds to your primary account (from account that you designated)
  • HELP: Help on keywords

NOTE: Certain carriers and/or mobile accounts automatically block some SMS messages. If you find that this service is not working properly, please check the settings on your smartphone or call your carrier to ensure that SMS texting is activated on your phone.

View The Demo Of Text Banking

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