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Savings Accounts

Fill your piggy bank the smart way. Whether you want to put money away for a special purchase, be prepared for an unexpected expense or simply save for the future, choose from deposit products that vary in dividend rates, ease of access and balance levels.

  • A variety of accounts for a variety of needs
  • Special accounts for students and educators
  • Easily pairs with a Checking Account

Choose the Savings Account that's right for you

Account Type


a savings account with flexible deposits and transfers

exclusively for students, with high-interest rates, no minimum balance and fee-free ATMs

exclusively for educators, save for the summer by setting aside a portion of each paycheck

long-term, retirement savings account

higher returns than a share savings account + withdraw funds without penalty


birth thru age 25

ideal for larger accounts

Unique Features

  • make monthly payroll or direct deposits
  • withdrawals available at any time2
  • disbursed in July

traditional or Roth

  • earns higher dividends than a Share Savings Account
  • check writing privileges

Opening Deposit





Dividends Minimum Balance






Minimum Balance Fee

waived when balance remains at $100 during mo.


waived with min. daily balance of $2,500

Overdraft Protection

when linked to Personal Checking Account3
when linked to Personal Checking Account3


surcharge-free thru worldwide CO-OP® and Allpoint networks
no fee when using non CO-OP®and Allpoint networks2
surcharge-free thru worldwide CO-OP® and Allpoint networks

Digital Banking

Automatic Savings Plan

Easily set up recurring transfers to savings from checking from the “Transfers” tab in Digital Banking and watch your savings grow automatically. You can schedule an automatic savings transfer for any amount and at any of the following frequencies:

Tools & Resources to help make your day-to-day more manageable.

Digital Banking 

Access all of your financial tools wherever you are, 24/7.


Checking Accounts

Manage your daily finances with ease and confidence.



Enjoy surcharge-free access worldwide through our CO-OP® and Allpoint networks of more than 85,000 ATMs.


Terms and Conditions

1Monthly low-balance fee will be charged for balances that fall below $100 during the month. Dividends are only paid out for balances of $100 or more.

2Refer to our Personal Account Agreement & Disclosure for full details.

3With enrollment in Overdraft Protection subject to limitation outline in #2 (above).