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Student Accounts

Student Checking and Savings

Checking & savings accounts designed for our child, student, and young adult members from birth through 25 years old. We have a suite of products and services that will help them learn and grow, all while saving their hard-earned income. Parents and grandparents often appreciate these types of accounts to set up their child’s future and develop good savings habits.

In addition to a checking and savings account, students over 18 years old may apply for a share-secured credit card. These accounts ensure that students have money in their account to cover the credit card limit. It's a win-win scenario as your student develops credit and they develop good spending habits with minimal risk.

  • Establish saving habits from an early age
  • Dividends earned with no minimum
  • No minimum balance fee
  • No fee for using non-CO-OP® Network ATMs
  • Unlimited free in-branch and ATM withdrawals*
  • At age 26, the Student Savings account will transition to a Share Savings account
  • Open an account in any branch (under 18 years of age will need an adult joint owner on the account) 
  • For students age 13–25 years old
  • Fee-free—no printed statement fee
  • No minimum deposit or minimum balance
  • Debit card included
  • At age 26, the Student Checking account will transition to a Personal Checking account
  • Open an account (students under 18 years of age will need to visit a branch as an adult joint owner will be required on the account) 
Share-Secured Visa®
  • Automatic approval with verified funds in a Credit Card Secured Savings Account – no credit report required
  • Maintain a savings balance of 120% of the credit limit to retain the credit limit
  • Credit limits from $500 - $5,000
  • Choose from either Rewards or Platinum for your Share-Secured Visa card
  • Apply Now (must be 18+ years old)


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